West Hollywood AC Repair


Most homeowners know how crucial it is to maintain proper indoor air quality. If there are some issues, you can turn to West Hollywood AC Repair to fix them for you. Our comfort consultant can visit your home and identify the problems that affect the indoor air quality. After a thorough inspection, our representative will perform a custom plan of resolving these problems. 

Our checkups start with an initial interview to gain the necessary information about your indoor environment. We will examine your heating and cooling equipment to see if it is safe, efficient, and dependable. Our experts will also check the air filtration and purification efficiency to decide whether your HVAC system needs some improvements. 

Even the best HVAC system won’t be able to keep the comfortable environment if the insulation of a house is not proper. Our technicians will check it and determine if they meet the recommended levels. 

All houses have the air leakage but some of them leak too much. In the same time, some houses are too air proof and indoor air can be quite unhealthy. Using a computerized blower door system, we can evaluate how air proof or leaky your house is, and what kind of improvements we can offer. 

More than a half of heat pumps and air conditioners suffer from hidden blockages or design problems. Our representatives will perform a static pressure test for air ducts to reveal any hidden design flaws. 

After the whole-house checkup, we will discuss the results with you and recommend certain improvements if necessary. Some of them can be performed by homeowners as DIY projects. Some of them may require professional skills. Upon request, our consultants will prepare a proposal and cost-effective way of its realization. 

With a whole-house checkup, you will find how to achieve comfortable temperatures throughout your home, how to keep healthy humidity level, and how to reduce dust, operational noise and repair bills as well. Get in touch with West Hollywood AC Repair for a whole-house checkup today!